Oferty Specjalne



 In times when our world was ruled by kings, the unusual tale full of passion and love began, giving rise to the history of Dwór Oliwski. We will begin the legend of this place with the words “long, long time ago...”.

One sunny day Subisław, Duke of Pomerania, along with his entourage went on a deer hunting trip. When dogs picked up the scent, the Duke rode away from his companions and unexpectedly was attacked by a wildboar. Wounded Subisław was found by a hermit. The hermit living in the boundless wilderness dressed the Duke’s wounds and let him stay overnight in the hermitage. At night Subisław dreamt of a luminous figure holding in her hand an olive tree twig. When he woke up, he decided to found a monastery (today’s Oliwa Cathedral) in the place indicated by the heavenly creature named OLYVA. In 1178 the lands owned by the Cistercian order were granted valuable privileges allowing to gain profits from fishing and 23 mills by the Potok Oliwski.

In the Valley of Joy there is the Schwabe Valley with the Jesuit garden where at present the Dwór Oliwski hotel is situated.